Investments and financial support

Fuel Your Startup's Growth: Unlock Investment and Financial Support at RUBI
At Rungta Business Incubator (RUBI), we are committed to empowering startups with the financial support they need to transform innovative ideas into successful businesses. Recognizing that access to funding is a critical factor in a startup's growth trajectory, RUBI provides a comprehensive suite of investment and financial support services designed to meet the unique needs of early-stage companies.

Seedfund for early stage investments under startup India seedfund scheme (SISFS)

RUBI has committed seedfund to 21 startups under this program as on May 2024. The funding size could be upto 50 lakhs. In specific cases grants upto INR 20 lakhs can be provided. For more details check out - SISFS (startupindia.gov.in)

Investor connects and pitching events:

RUBI hosts regular pitch events, investor meetups, and networking sessions, creating opportunities for startups to showcase their business models and attract investment. We also host Chhattisgarh’s largest annual startup summit CHESS where a large number of investors are available for connect and networking and special pitching sessions happen.

We invite angels, HNI’s from Chhattisgarh, VC’s to partner in our mission to support promising startups in the state and region