Business Support Services

Simplify Your Journey: Comprehensive Business Support Services at RUBI

At Rungta Business Incubator (RUBI), we recognize that startups often face numerous administrative and operational challenges that can divert their focus from core business activities. To address this, RUBI offers comprehensive business support services designed to simplify these processes and allow entrepreneurs to concentrate on innovation and growth.

Our business support services encompass a wide range of essential functions. We provide expert assistance in managing accounts, ensuring accurate bookkeeping, and maintaining financial records. This helps startups stay financially organized and compliant with statutory requirements. Our team of experienced professionals handles taxation matters, offering guidance on tax planning and ensuring timely and accurate tax filings.

Intellectual property rights (IPR) management is another critical area where RUBI supports startups. We assist in securing patents, trademarks, and copyrights, protecting the innovative ideas and products of our startups. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on developing their business without the worry of intellectual property issues.

RUBI also offers support in legal and regulatory compliance, ensuring that startups meet all necessary legal obligations. This includes assistance with company formation, registration, and ongoing compliance requirements. Our experts provide guidance on navigating the complex landscape of business regulations, reducing the administrative burden on startups.